Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Excerpt from Ascent

Well this is not a continuation of descent instead here is a brief look into the world of Ascent.  This is what I have been working on for a few years now and thought I would give you a peak into the novel that this blog is the prequel for.  Enjoy.
Calton fell hard onto his bed; he had not exerted that much energy in moonlengths. He was sure now that this darkness and lack of fresh air was getting to him.  He needed to get out of here, but he was not quite ready yet.  He was not even done for the night, he needed to get Levit in and conceal him until the appointed time came.
Slowly he rose back up and gathered the needed equipment for the night.  Once he had everything, doing a quick check on his mental shields, he left his home and headed for the abandoned school where the old energies still flowed and the old magic lingered for anyone who knew how to use it.  This was good for he was going to need everything bit of power he had plus some to make this work.  Every hall looked the same in this maze of darkness, but Calton knew the way almost instinctively to the old school.  He built the school and taught there before the Turning.  He was the strongest in the powers of the Sunvern, but that power was meaningless now that the Blood Pact had been signed and the Wevern now solely used blood magic.  The Sentinels now always carried a vial of bats blood and a sacrificial knife so to provide them with the needed energy to cast spells.  This amount and type of blood provided little energy, but without a Blood Path mage among them they knew no more then minor spells.  This was another reason Calton wanted out, sooner or later someone would sacrifice a family member or friend and stumble onto one of the Greater Rituals.  If this happened then the elves were truly beyond turning back.
As his footfalls echoed through the gigantic cavern that once contained the center of town, now referred to as Old Grotto, Calton could feel the immense energies radiating from the school.  He did not worry that someone else would tap into these for no one, other then himself, was capable of using it.  That was the other part of the Blood Pact; all Sentinels gave up all past powers in order to accept the newer ones.  Calton was a part of this pact but in truth he never signed the deal, this is why he controls both new and old powers.  As the power flooded over him he entered the portal into the school, this was the only place, in the self-created hell that he felt alive, where he felt at home and at peace with himself.  Inside the building his footfalls could not be heard, nor could the cold of the caves be felt, through great feats of power this place was made to feel like it belonged in the aboveground. He could feel his powers coming back to him as it felt like his many moonlengths washed away. In here Calton could almost imagine the light of the sun shimmering of his dark skin.  As his power came back to him he made his way through the long corridors into the casting room.  Once in the room Calton almost fell over, he forgot what the artificial sunlight was like, and what power it resonated.  He was overwhelmed by the sheer immensity of his old works.  Regaining his composure Calton took what was once his normal seat in the center of the star that spanned the floor.  This was the focal point of all the energies in the room, from here he could move mountains, and almost give life to the dead.
Placing the articles he brought from home: a small polished red gem, matching gems of green and blue, a small star, and what appeared to be a normal stone, in the direction of the points of the star, Calton began to draw the energies of the room into himself. The power filled him and the gems began to glow, the stone vanished and a ruckus could be heard from the South Hole.  It seemed a cave troll decided to pay the hole a visit.  Quickly Calton sent his thoughts out to Levit, “Quickly enter, even with this energies I cannot keep that troll under my control for long.”