Saturday, January 15, 2011

I know it has been awhile but here is a short post to get it started back up, and if anyone was wondering the word count on this story is at 5809.

Getting to my door, all I could feel was alone.  I knew Raea was on the other side but I currently felt nothing for her.  Hurriedly I opened the door to see her on the bed waiting for me.  She was wearing one of my shirts and nothing more, but nothing stirred in me.  She looked at me and I could tell she knew something was wrong.  Normally I would be jumping in the bed with her, but the feeling wasn’t there.
            “Cal? What are you doing, what is wrong?”
            “Raea, try to attack my mind, try to find your way inside. Please tell me you can do it.”
            “What are you talking about, why would I want to attack you, and your mind has always been wide open to me so why would I need to?”
            I could feel her gently trying to enter my mind but all she found was a wall.  Her face said it all as her jaw dropped in shock.
            “Cal, what have you done? How have you done this?  That isn’t a barrier that is a fortress.  I have never encountered something so complete and solid.”
            “I don’t know, Zendara was trying to get to me and I just fed everything into my life flame.  Now all I can feel is emptiness.  Can I undo this? Please say I can.
            “Let me get dressed, and then we will need to head down to Sublimus, this is not something I can deal with alone.  You have gone too far for me to retrieve, we need a Master.”
            “That didn’t sound like good news Raea, a Master, what have I done."
            “You have learned how to make your barrier, but you went too far. You shielded yourself from Zendara, but in doing so you blocked everything.  I wish Zendara wouldn’t have pushed you.  It was not something you were ready for.  The building of one’s barriers is usually a slow process were one gets to know himself completely and know what to shield.  Quickly, we need to get to a Master, if we wait too long we might not be able to break it down.”
            “Fallon should be at the feast, let me send my page to him and have him meet us at Sublimus, would he be able to help us with this.”
            “He is probably the best bet we have.”
            Walking over to the desk I grabbed the servant bell and rang it while Raea got dressed.  Within moments my page appeared and a knock could be heard at the door.  I opened the door to where the page was waiting for me.
            “Go to the feast and find Master Fallon.  Once you have found him please ask him to join me at Sublimus, and let him know it is urgent.”
            I was telling this page it was urgent and I could see the urgency in Raea’s eyes, but I felt nothing of the feeling.  I was hoping I could get everything back, but even that was dulled.  I could hear Raea’s footsteps behind me.
            “I think going through the servants quarters would be the fastest way, and they should all be hanging out in the kitchens and around the feast, celebrating themselves.  So we should not encounter anyone on our way there.”
            We did not encounter anyone one our way to the school and showed up at the same time Fallon did.
            “Cal, what’s going on, why did you call me away from the feast?”
            Before I could answer Raea was talking.
            “He taught himself how to make a barrier but went too far, and I can’t even get through it.”
            “What caused this, the source might help me break it down.”
            I could see Raea start to get angry, no one wanted Zendara alone with their man, so before she could say anything I answered.
            “Zendara was attempting to get me in bed and when I said no she resorted to trying to infiltrate my mind.  I remembered what little Raea told me about barriers and attempted to put one up, and now here I am.”
            I could feel Fallon probing my barrier, trying to break through, but it didn’t even phase me.  I could feel him begin to push harder at the shield but nothing happened.  A worried look appeared in his eyes are he turned to Raea.
            “This is bad, I have never seen such a complete block.  We are going to need more than me and you to break this down.  Go and gather whatever Masters you can find I am going to continue to work on breaking him down.  Hurry though, I don’t think anyone would him to remain in this state.”