Saturday, February 4, 2012

 I know it has been awhile but life has been a little hectic with the new job and life planning in so forth.  I am going to try to be on here more when things settle back down, but until then here is a short post to bring it back to life.

            Fallon tried to probe harder and harder to no avail, my barriers stopped all attempts.  I could see the worry on his face, but it stirred no emotion in me.  With the lack of emotion I noticed a new clarity of thought.  I saw the problem and all aspects positive and negative around it.  Losing emotion was losing identity but being able to rule and think without emotion was something every ruler sought.  Emotion was both a hindrance and a blessing, but I found strength in this newfound coldness.  I could feel raw energy coursing through my mind and wondered what I could do without emotional restraints in place.  Fallon’s attempts were getting more furious with each passing moment, wanting to test myself I pushed my barriers outward towards Fallon’s mind, and he fell back into his chair as if someone pushed him.
            “Calton! Stop!  The more you do with your barrier in place the more permanent it becomes.  You cannot do this, remember Regun.  You wanted to know what pushed him to the edge, look at yourself now.  This is just a taste of what you can do when you remove emotion.”
            “A taste, I will get stronger? How can this be bad?  To rule without emotion, to solve the kingdoms problems with logic alone.  I could create the perfect world.”
            “The perfect world, what about Raea? I thought your perfect world would be with her by your side.  So quickly you embrace the power, but you ignore your own life, and the history that brought us here.  Look deeply at it all, think about Regun, think about your own life.  To take down the barrier we will need your help and your strength, it is of your own making and only you can fully remove it.  Do you want to life without Raea and your family, never enjoy her touch or be able to feel the love of your Mothers embrace.”
            Pushing the barrier out again Fallon fell to the floor.
            “With this strength I do not need that.  I can set all of our peoples fear to rest, ruling without emotion will allow me to help them all and not let love or hate cloud my decisions. I will take our race to new heights, without fear stopping me.”
            Walking towards falling, Raea burst into the room with a few masters in tow.  I could see the fear on her face as I stood over Fallon.  Fear and worry stopped her in her tracks.
            “Cal, what are you doing?”
            The masters ran in behind her and formed a circle around me and I could feel their touch on my barrier.  With a bigger push I sent the five of them onto their knees.  Their attempts seemed like pinpricks to me.  This was all the strength the Masters had? They were weak and I knew it now.  My people needed a stronger person to lead them and teach them, and now that person was me.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

I know it has been awhile but here is a short post to get it started back up, and if anyone was wondering the word count on this story is at 5809.

Getting to my door, all I could feel was alone.  I knew Raea was on the other side but I currently felt nothing for her.  Hurriedly I opened the door to see her on the bed waiting for me.  She was wearing one of my shirts and nothing more, but nothing stirred in me.  She looked at me and I could tell she knew something was wrong.  Normally I would be jumping in the bed with her, but the feeling wasn’t there.
            “Cal? What are you doing, what is wrong?”
            “Raea, try to attack my mind, try to find your way inside. Please tell me you can do it.”
            “What are you talking about, why would I want to attack you, and your mind has always been wide open to me so why would I need to?”
            I could feel her gently trying to enter my mind but all she found was a wall.  Her face said it all as her jaw dropped in shock.
            “Cal, what have you done? How have you done this?  That isn’t a barrier that is a fortress.  I have never encountered something so complete and solid.”
            “I don’t know, Zendara was trying to get to me and I just fed everything into my life flame.  Now all I can feel is emptiness.  Can I undo this? Please say I can.
            “Let me get dressed, and then we will need to head down to Sublimus, this is not something I can deal with alone.  You have gone too far for me to retrieve, we need a Master.”
            “That didn’t sound like good news Raea, a Master, what have I done."
            “You have learned how to make your barrier, but you went too far. You shielded yourself from Zendara, but in doing so you blocked everything.  I wish Zendara wouldn’t have pushed you.  It was not something you were ready for.  The building of one’s barriers is usually a slow process were one gets to know himself completely and know what to shield.  Quickly, we need to get to a Master, if we wait too long we might not be able to break it down.”
            “Fallon should be at the feast, let me send my page to him and have him meet us at Sublimus, would he be able to help us with this.”
            “He is probably the best bet we have.”
            Walking over to the desk I grabbed the servant bell and rang it while Raea got dressed.  Within moments my page appeared and a knock could be heard at the door.  I opened the door to where the page was waiting for me.
            “Go to the feast and find Master Fallon.  Once you have found him please ask him to join me at Sublimus, and let him know it is urgent.”
            I was telling this page it was urgent and I could see the urgency in Raea’s eyes, but I felt nothing of the feeling.  I was hoping I could get everything back, but even that was dulled.  I could hear Raea’s footsteps behind me.
            “I think going through the servants quarters would be the fastest way, and they should all be hanging out in the kitchens and around the feast, celebrating themselves.  So we should not encounter anyone on our way there.”
            We did not encounter anyone one our way to the school and showed up at the same time Fallon did.
            “Cal, what’s going on, why did you call me away from the feast?”
            Before I could answer Raea was talking.
            “He taught himself how to make a barrier but went too far, and I can’t even get through it.”
            “What caused this, the source might help me break it down.”
            I could see Raea start to get angry, no one wanted Zendara alone with their man, so before she could say anything I answered.
            “Zendara was attempting to get me in bed and when I said no she resorted to trying to infiltrate my mind.  I remembered what little Raea told me about barriers and attempted to put one up, and now here I am.”
            I could feel Fallon probing my barrier, trying to break through, but it didn’t even phase me.  I could feel him begin to push harder at the shield but nothing happened.  A worried look appeared in his eyes are he turned to Raea.
            “This is bad, I have never seen such a complete block.  We are going to need more than me and you to break this down.  Go and gather whatever Masters you can find I am going to continue to work on breaking him down.  Hurry though, I don’t think anyone would him to remain in this state.”

Friday, October 15, 2010

An update

Just wanted to give a quick update because I have not been on here in awhile.  I currently have a short story in rewrite phase that I will hopefully be submitting to a few magazines by the end of the month.  Because of this I have kind of put my other writings on hold to focus on this and get it done.  Once I get it submitted I am going to turn most of my focus to my novel, but I will try to get a good sized post up here once a week or so to keep you guys interested and hopefully draw some more interest.  So keep your eyes here in the next few weeks and I should have some new stuff up.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Excerpt from Ascent

Well this is not a continuation of descent instead here is a brief look into the world of Ascent.  This is what I have been working on for a few years now and thought I would give you a peak into the novel that this blog is the prequel for.  Enjoy.
Calton fell hard onto his bed; he had not exerted that much energy in moonlengths. He was sure now that this darkness and lack of fresh air was getting to him.  He needed to get out of here, but he was not quite ready yet.  He was not even done for the night, he needed to get Levit in and conceal him until the appointed time came.
Slowly he rose back up and gathered the needed equipment for the night.  Once he had everything, doing a quick check on his mental shields, he left his home and headed for the abandoned school where the old energies still flowed and the old magic lingered for anyone who knew how to use it.  This was good for he was going to need everything bit of power he had plus some to make this work.  Every hall looked the same in this maze of darkness, but Calton knew the way almost instinctively to the old school.  He built the school and taught there before the Turning.  He was the strongest in the powers of the Sunvern, but that power was meaningless now that the Blood Pact had been signed and the Wevern now solely used blood magic.  The Sentinels now always carried a vial of bats blood and a sacrificial knife so to provide them with the needed energy to cast spells.  This amount and type of blood provided little energy, but without a Blood Path mage among them they knew no more then minor spells.  This was another reason Calton wanted out, sooner or later someone would sacrifice a family member or friend and stumble onto one of the Greater Rituals.  If this happened then the elves were truly beyond turning back.
As his footfalls echoed through the gigantic cavern that once contained the center of town, now referred to as Old Grotto, Calton could feel the immense energies radiating from the school.  He did not worry that someone else would tap into these for no one, other then himself, was capable of using it.  That was the other part of the Blood Pact; all Sentinels gave up all past powers in order to accept the newer ones.  Calton was a part of this pact but in truth he never signed the deal, this is why he controls both new and old powers.  As the power flooded over him he entered the portal into the school, this was the only place, in the self-created hell that he felt alive, where he felt at home and at peace with himself.  Inside the building his footfalls could not be heard, nor could the cold of the caves be felt, through great feats of power this place was made to feel like it belonged in the aboveground. He could feel his powers coming back to him as it felt like his many moonlengths washed away. In here Calton could almost imagine the light of the sun shimmering of his dark skin.  As his power came back to him he made his way through the long corridors into the casting room.  Once in the room Calton almost fell over, he forgot what the artificial sunlight was like, and what power it resonated.  He was overwhelmed by the sheer immensity of his old works.  Regaining his composure Calton took what was once his normal seat in the center of the star that spanned the floor.  This was the focal point of all the energies in the room, from here he could move mountains, and almost give life to the dead.
Placing the articles he brought from home: a small polished red gem, matching gems of green and blue, a small star, and what appeared to be a normal stone, in the direction of the points of the star, Calton began to draw the energies of the room into himself. The power filled him and the gems began to glow, the stone vanished and a ruckus could be heard from the South Hole.  It seemed a cave troll decided to pay the hole a visit.  Quickly Calton sent his thoughts out to Levit, “Quickly enter, even with this energies I cannot keep that troll under my control for long.”

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Encounter

Walking through the garden, trying to calm myself down, I stop and take a deep breadth. I could hear soft footsteps coming up behind me. Afraid to see who it was I turned around. Lifting my head I knew instantaneously that i was right to be afraid, because in front of me stood Zendara. I didn't think it was possible but her shimmering green gown clung even tighter to her curvaceous body than it had before. I feigned at drunkenness, swaying slowly and nearly falling over, so i could avert my eyes from her alluring form. As i pretended to fall I could feel her there helping me to stand up.
"Calton, it seems the wine has gotten the best of you tonite."
"I didn't want anyone to see me like this, that is why I left."
"I was wondering why you scampered away so fast, and that was why I came to see if something was wrong."
"I am just a little drunk, nothing a good nights sleep won't cure."
"I can see that now, but since I am already out here, let me help you to your room, you can lean on me. We wouldn't want anyone to see you fall over climbing the stairs back to your room."
"Thanks for the offer, but I think I am well enough to make it on my own."
"Stop being so prideful, and take the offer. Everyone can use a hand every now and then."
Before I could say another word she was beside me putting her arm around my waist. It wasn't an arm to support me, this was a more sensuous hold. Then her other arm swung around me, and she stood directly in front of me, pulling me in closer to her. She was about my height and so when she leaned in towards my ear it was very easy for her. I could feel her breadth on my cheek.
"Cal, I saw you looking at me. You can have me you know, all you have to do is take what you want. You are Prince, and I am your servant, use me however you please."
I could feel the blood rising me, this women excited me. I knew Raea was back in my room, but here in front of me was a women everyone dreamed about, a goddess among the Sunvern, and she was offering herself to me. This seemed like it was a dream, but I knew it was real, and I knew that I could not take her offer as much as I wanted to. Just attempting to walk away from this was the hardest thing I have ever had to endure. Then I felt a familiar pull at the edge of my thoughts. Was Zendara trying to control my thoughts. Quickly I tried to remember what little Raea had taught me about shields. I needed something to block her, something that could override my lust for her. Then it came to me, emotions were the key. That was why only Raea could train me, because i had no stronger emotion than my love for her, and if I could suppress the connection I had with her I could block anything. Using the basic training technique of centering oneself, I took it a step further and tried to ignore the sensation of her hands on my waist, the soft touch of her breadth on my cheek. I blocked these things out and concentrated on the flame of life inside of me. I fed all my emotion and physical sensations into the flame, and then pushed it all away. A weird sensation washed over me and I felt a clearness of mind that I have never felt before, but I also felt an emptiness. I felt cold and alone. Zendara must have noticed the change in me, I could feel her let go and back away.
"How did you do that, no one has ever resisted me before."
Straightening myself up, I looked at her and began to walk away. I could feel a sturdy hand on my shoulder.
"Don't you walk away from me Calton, you will give in to me."
Shrugging her hand off my shoulder one word came out of my mouth, "No!." I almost wanted to turn to see the look of shock I knew was on her face, but I would not give her the satisfaction, and continued to walk away.
"This is not the end Calton, one day you will succumb to me, one day I will possess you mind, body, and soul."
I could feel the anger in her voice, it almost thickened the air around me, but I could not stop. I needed to get away from here. She was still trying to gain control of my mind, I could feel her pushing at my shield. I quickened my gate and headed up the long staircase towards my room. I needed to see Raea, needed to figure out what I did, but I could not even feel my love for her. I had shut myself off to everything. Is this what she wanted me to learn, or did I do something else. I broke into a run heading to my room as fast as I could.

This is a shorter post but It was a good end point and I am also putting some work in on my actual novel, so I wanted to save a little bit of my creative flow for that.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Feast

Ignoring the look from my father, I enter the garden.

"Hello,Father. Sorry I am late, lessons took a little longer than expected. Let us not linger here, you can yell at me later."

Walking past my parents, I continued through the garden towards the Great Hall. I could hear their footsteps on the ground behind me. I know my father was mad but I did not want to deal with it right now. I could not wait until the feast was over. My nights with Raea were one of the few things I looked forward to these days. The only bad thing is I would have to control my drinking during the meal, I did not want to go to her drunk. I stopped as I approached the door to the Great Hall, ceremony had to be followed which means we had to be announced before we entered the room. The Herald stood at the door waiting for us. Being the ruling family we should enter after everyone but our guests if honor, but we were late and the Leth family stood staring at us. I could feel my fathers eyes staring intently at me. I had caused this and I would feel his wrath later.

The Herald pushed me to the door and I could hear his booming voice behind me, "Prince Calton Sy'Shalra, Heir of The Blood." I walked into the Great Hall and saw the people amassed for the feast. Tonight was going to be a very long evening, i hoped Raea would stay awake and wait for me. I took my seat at the head table two seats left from the center. My mother would sit beside me, and then my father beside her. I could hear the Herald announcing them as they walked towards their seats. After they got to their places the Herald announced the Leth family. First came Tallor, then not to far behind him came his parents, Zendara and Trei. All eyes in the room fell on Zendara, she was wearing a sheer green silk gown that clung to her like it was another layer of skin. Her glossy black skin was a sharp contrast to the hunter green silk that matched her eyes, captivating every male in the Great Hall. She was like a vision that just stepped out of a dream. Even I found myself staring at her, trying to avert my gaze I thought of Raea and the time I would spend with her, but my eyes kept turning back towards Zendara. I retreated to my wine glass hoping Tallor hadn't seen me staring at her. When I put my glass down she was already seated and I would have to make a noticeable effort to look at her, so I just looked forward and listened to my father's greeting and blessing before the meal would be served. Once he finished up the servers began to bring out the food. A roasted Jocuri Hen was set in front of everyone at the High Table. All of the lesser nobles and peasants at the feast got plates of Pui. All of it was good food, but what we ate was a mark better than that of the rest.

Once the food was eaten and the tables cleared the lower tables were taken away and the court musicians began to play. I made my way over to Tallor in hopes of avoiding his mother. I did not think I could control myself in her presence her beauty was overpowering. Once i got to Tallor, I saw Zendara was not far away. Slowly I walk to Tallor and try to get his attention so we can walk somewhere else, but before I can pull him away his mother appears and hands me a glass of wine.
"I see you have no drink Calton, so I took the liberty of getting one for you."
I try not to stare at her while i take the glass from her hand, "Thank you Ratează Tri'Leth."
"No need to thank me, and call me Zendara there is no need to be formal here."
"Okay, Zendara, but still thank you, I appreciate the drink."
"So Calton, I hear you are progressing well in all your training, and have far surpassed everyone in your classes. Tallor does nothing but sing your praises."
"I would not say i have surpassed everyone, Tallor is doing quite well himself."
I was hoping Tallor would come pull me away but looking over at him he was talking to some lesser noble and hadn't even seen me. It was becoming ever more apparent that I would have to talk to her.
"Don't try to play humble with me, I know you have far exceeded every one's expectations. From what I hear, you may even surpass Regun."
"You flatter me too much, when it comes to knowledge and power, I will never ever pass Regun, though I pray that I will be a better King than he ended up being."
I had not noticed but I had emptied my wine, but before I could set my glass down Zendara had summoned a servant to refill it."
"Fear not, you will surpass Regun, and you will be a better ruler."
As she was speaking I could suddenly feel her hand on my shoulder. I needed to get away. Zendara, wine, and I could not lead to anything to good, I thought.
"Thank you for the vote of confidence, but any of that is still a very long way away. My father will be King for many years to come, and I am far from mastering our magic. Your praise, though it is nice to hear, is too much for me. I am but a servant to the King."
"Ha, you make me laugh, servant you are not." Her hand was now sliding around my back and I around waist. "Come dance with me Servant Prince, and we will see how much of a servant you really are."
Part of me wanted to posses this woman, but I could not let that take control. Raea would be waiting for me, and even if part of me wanted Zendara, the rest of me belonged to Raea Janne. Setting my glass down I followed her to the dance floor, all the while I kept Raea in my thoughts.
"I will dance with you, Ratează Tri'leth."
As I finished speaking I bowed to her and began took her in my arms and began the
Învârtita. It was a moderate tempo dance in which we both turned. and rested in cycles. The dance lasted a few moments and I was very happy to see my father come up to us as it ended.
"Calton, can you excuse me. I believe it is my turn to dance with this beautiful woman."
"Yes father, I must take my leave anyways. I believe this wine is starting to effect me."
"Make sure you say hello to Tallor before you go."
"I will head there right now, father. Enjoy your dance."
Walking away I looked for Tallor as the relief washed over. I found him over in the corner with my mother. I headed over in that direction not looking behind me.
"Tallor, how have you been this fine day."
"Calton, I have been doing fine, did I just see you dancing with my mother."
"Yeah, I was on my way to see you when she intercepted me and asked me for a dance."
"That's my mother for you, dancing with all the young men while my father socializes."
"I wouldn't go that far, but yeah. Anyways I just wanted to catch you before I headed off. I'm afraid I have had a little too much wine tonight and want to get to my room before I make any youthful mistakes."
"I completely understand Cal, I will see you tomorrow in class, make sure you get some sleep. You know how the Masters are if you are not a hundred percent."
"You don't need to remind me. Goodnight Mother, you may want to claim father back from Zendara before to long."
I could see here ears perk up at that.
"Thank you Cal for letting me know, now go get some sleep."
With a low bow to my mother and Tallor I walked out of the Great Hall and began the long walk to my room where Raea was waiting for me.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Preparing for the Feast

"I wish you could be by my side Raea. Everything seems so much easier with you support."
"Cal you know I will be there, but we cannot be together in public. They tolerate us because we keep it to ourselves, but if we flaunted it in front of you know they will force us apart. We are to far apart to be a couple, a mere Weapons-master could never rise to be a Queen."
"Let us not talk on that now dearest, our time will come and you will be able to be beside me. I know for now we cannot but you will be able to stand beside me in the open one day."
"Those are big dreams Cal, but you must make haste and get ready now, it will do you no good to be late for a feast that you are hosting, especially for your best friend Tallor."
"You're right again. What would I do without you?"
"You would probably find someone else to be a nuisance too, now go!"
"Alright I'm going already, but I hate to leave you. The world is always a brighter place when you are around."
"Stop with the flattery and go you little punk, or you will have one very dark night."
"I am really going now, just need one last thing from you."
Walking over to Raea, I grab her and pull her closer to me. She is taller and stronger than me, but let's me pull her in. Slowly my hands slide down her muscular frame and then our lips lock in a kiss. Careful not to be enveloped by my passion I pull away from my love.
"Now I can leave, but you I will see tonight."
Walking back over to the table, I grab my outdoor robes and book and leave the training room. Going over to the stairs I begin the long climb up to my chamber, luckily my room is almost directly above the training rooms so other than the climb it isn't that long of a trip. Getting to the top of the stairs, I make a left and head to my room. Laying on my bed is dress robes already sat out for me. It consisted of a black robe with golden scrollwork around the oversized cuffs and a pair of pants in the same style. These were the robes of fully trained Sentinel who was ranked at the master level. These robes were above my level, but my position as Prince ranked me as an equal to a Master practitioner of the Life magic. If I could, I would wear something less gaudy but one has to follow traditions and protocol when one is a Prince of the Blood.
Throwing my outdoor robes on the floor I strip off my undershirt and head over to the washbasin. The water is cold, but it feels good on my sweaty skin. I run the wet cloth over my bare chest and under my arms. The water glistens on my dark skin like fresh morning dew on a leaf. I set the wash cloth down and grab a dry towel. Quickly I wipe the water off my skin and grab a clean undershirt. Sliding the robe over head, I reach for the pants when a hear a knock at the door.
"Calton, what is taking you. Our guests are about to arrive and you are lingering in your room. We must be in the Hall to receive them."
"I am almost ready mother. Just let me finish getting dressed and I will meet you in the garden so we can go in together. I know Dad is probably already down there waiting on us. You know how he gets when we are late so you better go down before me Mom."
"Alright Cal, I will but you better be not more than a minute behind me. I don't want to keep the Leth's waiting."
I could hear her footsteps walking away as I slid my pants on. I felt ridiculous in these robes, but there was nothing I could do about it. Looking around the room I saw a pair of black boots to match the horrible robes. I don't know how the Masters could wear these all day, I could barely get through one night in them. Pulling the boots on, I quickly walk out of my room and back down the stairs. Once at the bottom, I head off to through the hall to the right. Quickening my pace, I hurry to the arches leading into the garden. I can push my mom into waiting a little but, but my father will have none of it. The King waits for no man, not even his own son. As I walk through the archways I can see his face already. His eyes are creased with age and the frown on his lips has become a permanent fixture. He is never happy anymore, and I seem to be the cause of a majority of his anger. I could feel his gaze piercing through my flesh and into my soul. I am his heir, but I am his son also, and in both I never seem to be good enough for him.

I am not going to give you a time for the next one because I do not know myself, but I will try to get one up before the weekend. I am starting to really flesh out Calton's character and in doing so writing him is becoming easy again.