Saturday, February 4, 2012

 I know it has been awhile but life has been a little hectic with the new job and life planning in so forth.  I am going to try to be on here more when things settle back down, but until then here is a short post to bring it back to life.

            Fallon tried to probe harder and harder to no avail, my barriers stopped all attempts.  I could see the worry on his face, but it stirred no emotion in me.  With the lack of emotion I noticed a new clarity of thought.  I saw the problem and all aspects positive and negative around it.  Losing emotion was losing identity but being able to rule and think without emotion was something every ruler sought.  Emotion was both a hindrance and a blessing, but I found strength in this newfound coldness.  I could feel raw energy coursing through my mind and wondered what I could do without emotional restraints in place.  Fallon’s attempts were getting more furious with each passing moment, wanting to test myself I pushed my barriers outward towards Fallon’s mind, and he fell back into his chair as if someone pushed him.
            “Calton! Stop!  The more you do with your barrier in place the more permanent it becomes.  You cannot do this, remember Regun.  You wanted to know what pushed him to the edge, look at yourself now.  This is just a taste of what you can do when you remove emotion.”
            “A taste, I will get stronger? How can this be bad?  To rule without emotion, to solve the kingdoms problems with logic alone.  I could create the perfect world.”
            “The perfect world, what about Raea? I thought your perfect world would be with her by your side.  So quickly you embrace the power, but you ignore your own life, and the history that brought us here.  Look deeply at it all, think about Regun, think about your own life.  To take down the barrier we will need your help and your strength, it is of your own making and only you can fully remove it.  Do you want to life without Raea and your family, never enjoy her touch or be able to feel the love of your Mothers embrace.”
            Pushing the barrier out again Fallon fell to the floor.
            “With this strength I do not need that.  I can set all of our peoples fear to rest, ruling without emotion will allow me to help them all and not let love or hate cloud my decisions. I will take our race to new heights, without fear stopping me.”
            Walking towards falling, Raea burst into the room with a few masters in tow.  I could see the fear on her face as I stood over Fallon.  Fear and worry stopped her in her tracks.
            “Cal, what are you doing?”
            The masters ran in behind her and formed a circle around me and I could feel their touch on my barrier.  With a bigger push I sent the five of them onto their knees.  Their attempts seemed like pinpricks to me.  This was all the strength the Masters had? They were weak and I knew it now.  My people needed a stronger person to lead them and teach them, and now that person was me.

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