Sunday, May 9, 2010

A day in the life pt. 2

Walking back in to the palace I was not surprised to see Fallon waiting for me. He was tasked with
the duty of raising and training me, and somehow he always knew when I came back from my journeys
outside the palace. Coming up beside me he began to walk matching my pace precisely.
"So Calton, how was your trip to the mountain today? I see you were doing some reading while you
were there. Did you discover anything interesting in that book?"
"You know the history better than I do, Fallon, but even still, no matter how much I read it I cannot figure
out why he did it. Why would someone who was so good to the people turn his back on them so completely?
There has to be something that isn't being said, something that made him change."
"It was so long ago, I do not know if anyone could tell. We have been through this all before, Cal.
Why do your push yourself so hard to find an answer that may not be there? Just let it go, you are well
liked by the people, this paranoia does not suit you."
"I can see it in their eyes, they all fear me, fear what I will become. I need to find out what happened."
"Well you have more time later to bury your head in books, for now it is off to sword practice."
"Has Reae found me anyone new to train with, I am tired of having to hold back."
"You know I have nothing to do with your training regiments so why do you bother asking me?"
"Oh well, I guess I will see you at dinner Fallon. Poate Steaua Vieţii să te binecuvânteze."
Watching him walk away I made my way to the armory room where I found Reae waiting for me.
"So Reae who do you have for me today?"
"Today you will fight me, it will be your last test if you can beat me. If you lose though, you will be training with only me until you can best me."
"I thought this day was still a ways away."
"You have progressed at an unexpected rate and I fear that I am the only one who will be able to hold their own against you. So today is your test because it has to be."

Just a note the language I am using is Romanian the translations are as follows:
Poate Steaua Vieţii să te binecuvânteze = May the Star of Life bless you.
Steaua Vieţii = Star of Life
The Sunvern Elves get their magic from the sun so it is to them truly the Star of Life.

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