Saturday, May 8, 2010

A day in the life

Laying on the mountain side I feel the sun warm my dark skin, allowing the power of life to course through me. I want to embrace the magic it holds but it scares me. Long have I been told the stories of my great grandfather Regun, and how you used this magic to sway the elves to do his bidding. I lay here, on Mount Regun, where he defeated the Demon-God Calesta, and fear that I may become just like him. I find myself drawn to this mountain, drawn to the history of Regun, but I do not want to believe that he misused the magic. They train me to rule and to control the magic, but they fear what I will become at the same time. Since Regun no one who has had the gift has risen to throne, but here I find myself next in line to rule the Sunvern, and no matter how much training and education I get there will always be the fear that I will abuse the power as well.
Slowly I stand up and grab the book by my side, "Regun, The History of the Perils of Power." There has to be something the historians missed, how could a man turn from one of the best rulers in our history to the monster he is now portrayed as being. Something happened to him, something that no one wants to say or that no one knows. I must find what happened so I do not have to fear using my power, so I can rule my people well and belay the fear the have of me. I head back to the city thinking about these thoughts that are always with me. I fear they day that I finally ascend to the throne, fear how my people will view me. Every day the need to find an answer grows in me, everyday as i learn to control my power, I fear how I will use it even more. I pass through the Gate of Light and enter Steaua VieŇ£ii, the city I call home. The burden of reality washes over me as I enter the busy city, but even that cannot take away from the beauty of what we have created here. The buildings flow together with the ground and everything resonates with the music of ones soul. Within all that beauty though I can still see the worry in fear in every ones eyes as I pass them. Quickly, I move through the streets back to the palace. My lessons may be over for the day but the longer I am away the more my caregivers worry.

This is all I have time for right now but there will be more coming soon.

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