Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Preparing for the Feast

"I wish you could be by my side Raea. Everything seems so much easier with you support."
"Cal you know I will be there, but we cannot be together in public. They tolerate us because we keep it to ourselves, but if we flaunted it in front of you know they will force us apart. We are to far apart to be a couple, a mere Weapons-master could never rise to be a Queen."
"Let us not talk on that now dearest, our time will come and you will be able to be beside me. I know for now we cannot but you will be able to stand beside me in the open one day."
"Those are big dreams Cal, but you must make haste and get ready now, it will do you no good to be late for a feast that you are hosting, especially for your best friend Tallor."
"You're right again. What would I do without you?"
"You would probably find someone else to be a nuisance too, now go!"
"Alright I'm going already, but I hate to leave you. The world is always a brighter place when you are around."
"Stop with the flattery and go you little punk, or you will have one very dark night."
"I am really going now, just need one last thing from you."
Walking over to Raea, I grab her and pull her closer to me. She is taller and stronger than me, but let's me pull her in. Slowly my hands slide down her muscular frame and then our lips lock in a kiss. Careful not to be enveloped by my passion I pull away from my love.
"Now I can leave, but you I will see tonight."
Walking back over to the table, I grab my outdoor robes and book and leave the training room. Going over to the stairs I begin the long climb up to my chamber, luckily my room is almost directly above the training rooms so other than the climb it isn't that long of a trip. Getting to the top of the stairs, I make a left and head to my room. Laying on my bed is dress robes already sat out for me. It consisted of a black robe with golden scrollwork around the oversized cuffs and a pair of pants in the same style. These were the robes of fully trained Sentinel who was ranked at the master level. These robes were above my level, but my position as Prince ranked me as an equal to a Master practitioner of the Life magic. If I could, I would wear something less gaudy but one has to follow traditions and protocol when one is a Prince of the Blood.
Throwing my outdoor robes on the floor I strip off my undershirt and head over to the washbasin. The water is cold, but it feels good on my sweaty skin. I run the wet cloth over my bare chest and under my arms. The water glistens on my dark skin like fresh morning dew on a leaf. I set the wash cloth down and grab a dry towel. Quickly I wipe the water off my skin and grab a clean undershirt. Sliding the robe over head, I reach for the pants when a hear a knock at the door.
"Calton, what is taking you. Our guests are about to arrive and you are lingering in your room. We must be in the Hall to receive them."
"I am almost ready mother. Just let me finish getting dressed and I will meet you in the garden so we can go in together. I know Dad is probably already down there waiting on us. You know how he gets when we are late so you better go down before me Mom."
"Alright Cal, I will but you better be not more than a minute behind me. I don't want to keep the Leth's waiting."
I could hear her footsteps walking away as I slid my pants on. I felt ridiculous in these robes, but there was nothing I could do about it. Looking around the room I saw a pair of black boots to match the horrible robes. I don't know how the Masters could wear these all day, I could barely get through one night in them. Pulling the boots on, I quickly walk out of my room and back down the stairs. Once at the bottom, I head off to through the hall to the right. Quickening my pace, I hurry to the arches leading into the garden. I can push my mom into waiting a little but, but my father will have none of it. The King waits for no man, not even his own son. As I walk through the archways I can see his face already. His eyes are creased with age and the frown on his lips has become a permanent fixture. He is never happy anymore, and I seem to be the cause of a majority of his anger. I could feel his gaze piercing through my flesh and into my soul. I am his heir, but I am his son also, and in both I never seem to be good enough for him.

I am not going to give you a time for the next one because I do not know myself, but I will try to get one up before the weekend. I am starting to really flesh out Calton's character and in doing so writing him is becoming easy again.

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